Flowlosopha Is Back With Another Psychedelic Visual

Flowlosopha Is Back With Another Psychedelic Visual

If you are familiar Flowlosopha, then you’ll know to expect the visual game to be strong. ‘Gonzo Journalism’ is a real ode to his essence and he brings the cinematic and psychedelic into one experience for his confused and frazzled audience.

This time Flowlosopha has created a rework of the cult classic fear and loathing in Las Vegas. Flowlosopha teamed up with CCPV for this wild Visual. The video takes you on a wild trip with Flowlospha and his mysterious partner played by (producer Psygon). The pair revel in high jinx, while under the influence of unknown substances.

The song title and lyrics pat a subtle homage to the late Hinter S Thompson famed for his unique journalistic style and debaucherous ways. Of the single Flowlosopha said, “everything from the beat to the lyrics and the visual was really fun for me to create. The song is a head bopper, one to vibe to. I wanted to really emphasize the playful elements of the track whilst still talking about interesting subjects and including intricacies with flows and wordplay.”

As the rapper gears up to his next project release, his production value continues to grow from strength to strength. He has a plethora of releases under his belt, though the next project is set to truly show growth and evolution from the Midlands Rapper.

Watch ‘Gonzo Journalism’ above.

Tomboxe releases incredible visual for pop banger ‘Alone’ taken from his Album Does the Andrien

Tomboxe releases incredible visual for pop banger ‘Alone’ taken from his Album Does the Andrien

Toboxe’s originality, lyrical prowess and musical abilities are nothing short of astounding. One of the most unique vocal tones in the industry right now. Fusing his style over a plethora of genres, leaving us wondering if there are any genres that he can’t do. Sonically this is Sean Mendez meets Lighthouse family. A fresh take on  classic pop sound, which we are here for.

His vision and artistry are second to none and this video truly demonstrates this. What’s more, he has fun and radiates an infectious energy that leaves viewers feeling uplifted and involved.

Lyrically ‘Alone’ tells a few stories, focusing on a different main character in each verse. The overriding message of not wanting to be alone cuts through the different narratives driving the message home with each hook. Paired with a light hearted instrumental, ‘Alone’ is not only catchy but also thought provoking.

Does the Andrien was released back in 2020, the end of one of the strangest years of our lifetime. Tomboxe has already released two visuals from the project so far. This latest visual is sure to bring the project to new audiences who have yet to experience this thoughtful approach to creativity.

Tomboxe truly embodies artistry, continuously pushing his creative boundaries. The visual for alone is another shining example of his artistic capabilities. 

Watch the video for alone Above 👆 

Hannah Mac gives us an Anthem for Girls’ Nights ‘My Girls’

Hannah Mac gives us an Anthem for Girls’ Nights ‘My Girls’

Hannah Mac is back, this time with a bouncy nostalgic feel good track “ My Girls ”. The song reminisces on the good times she has had with her best friends over their many years of friendship. The singer has us hooked on this catchy girls night in anthem.

This song is a real ode to female friendship, through good and bad times. Hannah highlights the highs and lows they have shared together, as well as taking a look at just how far they have come. The infectiously catchy hook starts with the simple but effective  lyric “Let’s have a girls night in tonight.” setting the tone for a comforting and inviting night in.

Hannah Mac uses imagery of her and her best pals as the cover art work for the single. She explains that she references real life anecdotes from their many stories as material in the track. This was mostly what inspired it, the beautiful friendship she has with her best friends.

The energy of this track is different from what we have come used to from Hannah. Ordinarily the singer brings a more relaxed. ‘My Girls’ is a very welcomed switch up for Hannah. Here she showcase her playful and fun side, both through lyrics and melody.

Hannah’s light and warm vocals work beautifully over the bubbly and upbeat production to deliver real feel good vibes. The perfect soundtrack to those end of summer girly nights with your best friends.

Listen to ‘My Girls’ Here.

Genesis Elijah drops more heat with ‘New Ting’ Visual

Genesis Elijah drops more heat with ‘New Ting’ Visual

Genesis Elijah gives us another visual, this time for ‘New Ting’. The Rapper hasn’t gone anywhere all year. consistently churning out tracks and giving us a single per week. His latest visual for his track ‘New Ting, is a demonstration of why the Watford native has such strong staying power.

Genesis, hit the ground running and has shown no signs of slowing down. His consistency and dedication is nothing short of aspirational.

‘New Ting’ is a whole vibe. The opening line is an unapologetic bold statement that most artists can relate to. Simply put, “If i play you my new ting, don’t talk over my verse. The pain of someone talking over your latest verse hasn’t ever been captured so accurately in a track. But Genesis let’s us know what kind of mood he’s been in this year.

The rest of the song documents the highs and lows of artistry. Genesis also talks pursuing musical endeavours. The track includes a fire feature from Warren D.

The visual shows the rapper against the backdrop f his hometown Watford which gets a special highlight throughout. Genesis puts on for his City and this track is a great way to showcase one of Watfords greatest exports.

‘New Ting’ is taken from Genesis’ latest album A Prophet In His Hometown. The track is available on all digital streaming platforms right now. You can watch the full video above.