When a catastrophic technical fault turns into an eclectic quadruple project release, you can’t help but be intrigued…

Due to an unfortunate malfunction of Espielle’s hard drive rendering it completely useless and taking his goldmine of sessions down with it; this incredibly versatile producer is treating us to an explosion of new releases. This quadruple EP release project, aptly named “i” – “iv” will be heading our way over the coming months to perfectly represent the diversity of talent Espielle unwaveringly displays.

These tracks were all part of individual projects which Espielle was working on but due to the unfortunate hard-drive incident he is unable to finish the tracks to his normal release standard. Therefore, he has made the decision to throw caution to the wind and simply release the top 15 tracks which were closest to, or ready for completion.

Oxfordshire based Espielle has been surrounded by music his whole life so his broad spectrum of music theory knowledge helps him create high quality and multifaceted projects.

The first EP, “i, released on the 23rd July is a collection of commercial style instrumentals which would not be out of place on advertisement and marketing content in a wide array of different industries. Our top tracks from this EP are On Foot and Cavalry.

EP number two; “ii”, released on the 31st July takes you on a trip around the world in just three tracks keeping you hooked throughout. Drawing inspiration from West Africa, Spain and the Middle East, this EP takes you from the beginning through to the end in a brief but wholly engulfing manner. Our top track from this EP is End.

The third EP… “iii”, the most recent release which graced our ears on the 13th August is where Espielle really flexes his song writing and construction skills. On “Spilled” we even get a flavour of Espielle’s own voice as he delivers the beautifully emotive track.

And finally, EP “iv” takes you out of this world with two impeccably written classical pieces which would not be far out of place on sci-fi and other fantasy type TV shows. It is the perfect grand finale for this quadruple EP special and gives the listener a complete end to end experience from commercial instrumentals to complete songs. “iv” is set to be released in the coming weeks.

Click on Espielle’s profile to find out more about this versatile producer from Oxfordshire and to discover how you can collaborate with him on your next project. 

Espielle is also one half of production duo Harlem Ralph; born from over 10 years of making music together, Patrick Foley and Espielle have been working under the collective name Harlem Ralph to bring a vast aray of producstion services including song writing, instrumental, beat creation, recording and vocal coaching. Find out more about their services here. Harlem Ralph are based at The Unit as one half of our in house producers.