If you are familiar Flowlosopha, then you’ll know to expect the visual game to be strong. ‘Gonzo Journalism’ is a real ode to his essence and he brings the cinematic and psychedelic into one experience for his confused and frazzled audience.

This time Flowlosopha has created a rework of the cult classic fear and loathing in Las Vegas. Flowlosopha teamed up with CCPV for this wild Visual. The video takes you on a wild trip with Flowlospha and his mysterious partner played by (producer Psygon). The pair revel in high jinx, while under the influence of unknown substances.

The song title and lyrics pat a subtle homage to the late Hinter S Thompson famed for his unique journalistic style and debaucherous ways. Of the single Flowlosopha said, “everything from the beat to the lyrics and the visual was really fun for me to create. The song is a head bopper, one to vibe to. I wanted to really emphasize the playful elements of the track whilst still talking about interesting subjects and including intricacies with flows and wordplay.”

As the rapper gears up to his next project release, his production value continues to grow from strength to strength. He has a plethora of releases under his belt, though the next project is set to truly show growth and evolution from the Midlands Rapper.

Watch ‘Gonzo Journalism’ above.