Feeling Moody?

New York native rapper High Nelson continues to make contributions to the alternative hip hop scene. The up and coming rapper is set unveil his awaited new set of visuals for his latest single “Moodshift” produced by Ransom Beatz, on 14th of February, 2023 available on all platforms.

Feeling moody lately? Mood swings or shifts in mood are most times seen as going from a positive to a negative state of emotional being. When a person goes from feeling sad to being happy it’s often just seen as “feeling better” or being in a  “better mood”. Rarely is the transition to happy from sad seen as a mood swing or a mood shift, possibly because reaching a state of happiness doesn’t necessarily align with the negative connotation that a “mood shift” carries. High Nelson’s chill but jiggy single, ‘Moodshift’ looks to play on this juxtaposition.

As the final single to be released from Nelson’s recent EP, ‘Hello’, the visuals were shot in Barbados by Barabdian cinemotographer Stay Shooting. The visuals high light the idea of airing dirty laundry, severing ties and new endeavors through Nelson’s interaction with what seems to be a new love interest.

Nelson’s ‘Moodshift’ brings to the life the concept of “feeling like yourself again”. Whether it be a break up or severing ties with a friend we often go through the a period of not feeling like ourselves. Whether it be finding a new love interest, finding new friends, or simply pouring your favorite drink on the rocks we all go through the motions of trying to feel like ourselves again. “Moodshift” puts these motions into a nutshell sonically. 

Moodshift’ is another step in Nelson’s coming of age just as singles like ‘Sunday’, ‘Youngblood‘ and ‘Ribbon in The Sky‘ were.

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