Hannah Mac gives us an Anthem for Girls’ Nights ‘My Girls’

Hannah Mac gives us an Anthem for Girls’ Nights ‘My Girls’

Hannah Mac is back, this time with a bouncy nostalgic feel good track “ My Girls ”. The song reminisces on the good times she has had with her best friends over their many years of friendship. The singer has us hooked on this catchy girls night in anthem.

This song is a real ode to female friendship, through good and bad times. Hannah highlights the highs and lows they have shared together, as well as taking a look at just how far they have come. The infectiously catchy hook starts with the simple but effective  lyric “Let’s have a girls night in tonight.” setting the tone for a comforting and inviting night in.

Hannah Mac uses imagery of her and her best pals as the cover art work for the single. She explains that she references real life anecdotes from their many stories as material in the track. This was mostly what inspired it, the beautiful friendship she has with her best friends.

The energy of this track is different from what we have come used to from Hannah. Ordinarily the singer brings a more relaxed. ‘My Girls’ is a very welcomed switch up for Hannah. Here she showcase her playful and fun side, both through lyrics and melody.

Hannah’s light and warm vocals work beautifully over the bubbly and upbeat production to deliver real feel good vibes. The perfect soundtrack to those end of summer girly nights with your best friends.

Listen to ‘My Girls’ Here.

‘Now I need You’ Henry Jones x Harlem Ralph

‘Now I need You’ Henry Jones x Harlem Ralph

Henry Jones and Harlem Ralph have snuck in a summer anthem just in time for the heatwave. 

Music is so often the backdrop to our memories and moments in our lives that get beautifully captured in lyrics and beats. If the summer of freedom doesn’t need a soundtrack then we don’t know what does, and we also have yet to hear a more suited track than ‘Now I Need You’. 

This catchy summer banger is nostalgic, carefree and retrospective. Lyrically the track is raw and honest and talks of the retrospective feeling of needing someone after convincing yourself you would be fine on your own. It is honest and earnest which is a contrast to the high energy and upbeat production from Harlem Ralph.

The result of this beautiful juxtaposition is a high energy, catchy and infectious electro-pop summer bop that is perfect for the car, club or house party. We expect this to be added to the repertoire of DJ’s across the country as clubs begin re-opening for a guaranteed floor filler. 

Visuals for this track are deliberately not literal and show the carefree fun element of the song rather than reflecting the sentiment of the lyrics. The video gives us serious flashbacks of when times were different and house parties were of the norm. We certainly have been missing these kinds of vibes and the ‘Now I Need You’ visual gives us hope for the future as we move out of restrictions and start meeting up.

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