At the very core, The Underground Link Up is a networking platform. By providing a space where artists can connect, create and collaborate with other industry professionals freely, TULU have facilitated thousands of new partnerships within the music industry. TULU Town consists of two elements; online artist profiles and the Network Group Chat. A third element is in development now which will be an online social media platform for artists to connect on a more personal level with each other. 

Entry to TULU Town is on an invite only basis, meaning TULU can ensure they maintain a high quality control of it at all times. This core ethos has ensured TULU Town is filled with creatives who are motivated, professional and talented.

TULU TOWN is the entry point to our community. Here you will grow your professional network, develop your creative skills and begin to collaborate with others to increase your reach and grow your fanbase. To help you on your network journey you are provided with a TULU TOWN profile. This is your space, filled with all your  links, information on latest news and releases and whatever else you want your audience to know. It’s also a space where you can explore the art of creatives within the network and reach out for collaboration.

To be considered for TULU Town, please apply via the sign up link below.