A B O U T  U S

TULU Presents [The Underground Link Up] originated back in 2016 when founder, Gee want to see a modelling agency format operating with the hip hop scene to make booking talented local hip hop artists snd DJs for her events a much smoother process.

Skip forwards to 2018 and Vince is booked onto the line up for one of TULU’s events. At the time, Vince was running a record label and the pair realised that what their businesses needed, the other business had. 

Vince and Gee spent most of 2019 travelling across the UK meeting new artists, adding their profiles to the website and showcasing them on the event line up. 

TULU Presents: The Heatwave Tour saw 2019 come to a close as the whole TULU team ventured off to Leicester, Birmingham, London, Coventry, Banbury and Leamington Spa. The tour was a huge success and left the company in great stead of a UK and European tour in 2020!

But of course… along came COVID which shook the music industry.

Reeling back from cancelling all future events, TULU turned their attention to supporting artists through the pandemic by giving artists the strategy to maintain a full-time career as a musician though the pandemic. 

We hosted online live events, networking sessions, pitched artists for PR and play listing, as well as offering completely full release strategies. Alongside helping artists individually, we also provided a platform to facilitate connections and collaborations virtually to alleviate loneliness and to maintain creativity. 

Jump forward to 2021 and TULU picked up the keys to an empty industrial unit and spent four months with just one builder to transform the spacer into the creative hub and recording studio it is today!

The Underground Link Up is a creative development network for independent artists in the music industry. We can support any artist at any stage in their career either through our vast in-house services or outsourcing to one of our tried and treated affiliate brands.

View our services and get in touch if you want TULU to help you take your career to the next level.

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