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DAZO is a rapper from Birmingham

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Artist Biography

“Growing up in a Christian home with strict religious  Nigerian parents unlike other the other kids who will get a PlayStation and tickets to go to music concerts I’d  will be rewarded with a night vigil at church praying to God (IKR) but that been said we were only allowed to listen to gospel music or should I was only introduced gospel whilst everything else was said to be stantic (imagine apparently am going hell 🤦🏾‍♂️) which we weren’t allowed to listen to, till we came across MJ who was the only artist and first artist I managed to get to listen too growing up.”

“I always felt like I never fit in… I still do, but when I’d listen to MJ it felt there was a place for me in this world like someone who can love for me, made me feel good about my but most importantly someone I look up too and be myself when they around (I never met him – I wish). I was so disheartened by his death like the only person I could connect I can no longer reach  or dream of seeing one day so I started getting into poetry as a new outlet to express myself and connect  which translated into me writing music allowing me to have a deeper understanding and connection with myself  (gospel at first) then I remembered how I felt growing up and I was like there a young me out there in the world somewhere all alone  and I wanna be that figure for him/her/they that inspiration for the future and current generations especially in world were theirs rarely any role models tho am far from parfect but I believe it’s a journey that we can take together.
I first touched on the music scene Feb 2021 since then I’ve been working on my music – the way I deliver my bars, write songs, the beats I can jump on, refining my sound, opening my musical ears, learning how craft a good flow associated with meaningful lyrics, etc but most importantly learning to apply my version in this current era of hype how to be me and be personal with my music but still make music that is current and timeless.
Then I stomped across TULU which is exactly what am looking for to be able network and meet with experienced professionals in the entertainment and creative industry the ability widen my network, knowledge and make lasting relationships. As am also all about making music am most importantly bout performing them to gain the access to be able to perform to an audience and increase my audience and still looking for that first show.”


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