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About Flowlospha

Flowlosopha is a rapper and producer from the Midlands UK whose style and sound can only be described as uniquely his own.

You won’t hear another artist like him. Spending years in his local circuit and doing the rounds in the UK Hip Hop scene this excitingly original artist has carefully crafted and perfected a unique avant garde style of rap which infuses the plethora of sounds that make up his influences.

From electronic or classic hip hop, funk to 20th century rock, grime, trap and much more, Flowlosopha collates genres to form the sounds for his listening experience.


Gonzo Journalism

Flowlosopha is back with another audio visual treat. ‘Gonzo Journalism’ is a trippy, catchy and energetic track named after the writing style made famous by Hunter. S Thompson. 

Sticking to the theme of the lyrical content the video is styled after 90s cult classic ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’. Flowlosopha is no stranger to pushing the boundaries with his visuals as can be seen from his previous releases which are all imaginantive, cinematic and usually very psychedelic.

The rapper describes the track as him expressing himself and having fun, “everything from the beat to the lyrics and the visual was really fun for me to create. The song is a head bopper, one to vibe to. I wanted to really emphasize the playful elements of the track whilst still talking about interesting subjects and including intricacies with flows and word play.”

Gonzo Journalism is colourful, light hearted and fun, which is a stark contrast to the rapper’s previous release “How Do You Cope” and really demonstrates his versatility and ability to breeze through different styles and sounds. This latest offering showcases Flowlosopha’s funny jovial side with the exaggerated acted out scenes depicting the wild types of debauchery Hunter S.Thomson was known for. 

Gonzo Journalism drops on 20.08.2020 be the first to listen  see the video here.

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Shot and edited by CCPV Visuals.

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