Gee Yasmin

Gee Yasmin is an emerging DJ from Oxfordshire, UK. With a passion for electronic music and a broad range of influences spanning house, afro house, garage, DnB, hip hop, & RnB, Gee has built a reputation throughout The Midlands for curating and hosting incredible events.

Although no stranger to the club and party scene, Gee is in her element when showcasing her ultimate favourite genre of chilled house which is the perfect sound for those day time, early evening bars, lounges and beach clubs 🏖

Having honed her skills over a lifetime of curating playlists for events, venues and her growing fanbase, Gee’s sets are characterised by their high energy, impeccable flow, and masterful selection of tracks that never fail to get audiences vibing.

Gee’s talent has not gone unnoticed; she is the host of the mix show, Gee’s Journey Juice and she has performed at a range of events, from intimate weddings to high-energy club nights, and has even warmed up the crowd for Craig David on his latest tour.

As a DJ, Gee’s mission is simple: to create unforgettable experiences for her audiences, blending classic and contemporary sounds to create a truly unique and immersive journey that transcends genres and brings people together on the dance floor. 

Gee’s Journey Juice

Get a feel for the Gee’s sound. Below are the first two episodes of Gee’s Journey Juice ⏬