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Harlem Ralph

leamington spa, warwickshire

Comprehensive production, song writing and engineering services.

Harlem Ralph is a dynamic music producer duo based in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire comprising of Espielle and Patrick Foley.

With a combined industry experience of 30 years and with both being multi-instrumentalists since childhood, the duo come from diverse musical backgrounds. Having studied and performed various genres including jazz, hip hop, symphonic, classical, R&B, rock and pop music, their varied experiences have influenced their music production style, which blends elements of these genres to create a unique and captivating sound.

Although the duo have a crossover in ability, focusing on their individual areas of expertise allows Harlem Ralph to cover a wide variety of production and songwriting styles. Espielle handles most of the production, engineering and post production duties, whilst Patrick crafts the majority of the composition and instrumental writing. 

Now residents to TULU Presents’ The Unit recording studio, their synergy has resulted in some extraordinary projects with clients and collaborators. Their reputation for producing high-quality material naturally established them as a formidable force in the music industry.

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The Harlem Ralph team can facilitate the creation of anything from a single release to the production of a full album. Specialising in but not limited to, hip hop/rap and pop/singer songwriting the duo are able to offer the full array of studio production services tailored to your style.

Seán and Padz work with you from any stage of the process, whether your project is unwritten or near-completion the duo can bring your track to an industry and streaming service release standard.

From the TULU network alone, Harlem Ralph have worked with, or currently have projects on the. go with Mac Backwardz, CONXEPT, Hannah Mac, Guy Thoughts, Henry Jones, Erik D, Vince, Bex Lou and Wates.

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Beat production

Song writing 

Lyric writing

Session work; Piano/keys, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, etc


Vocal recording

Instrument recording 



CLient Testimonials

Guy Thoughts 2
“It is difficult to put into words the energy that comes from having a session with Harlem Ralph, not to mention the pristine outcome of the project itself.
Having met them briefly a number of times at TULU events and in Teams meetings, I came to Harlem Ralph with an idea I had for a project consisting of six songs. The songs had already been written over beats I had found and been sent over time, but when I approached HR with the idea to remake the project from scratch they didn’t hesitate.
Over the period of a single day they remade all 6 beats, all a completely different style and constantly taking my ideas and opinions into consideration, leaving me with a beautifully fluid body of work from start to finish.
Although completely holding their own as individual artists, the technical talents of Espielle twinned with Patrick’s instrumental expertise are a sure fire recipe for a successful project, and an incredible experience in the studio.
In 3 days we completely remade, restructured and recorded the project and it truly is something I can be proud of. Harlem Ralph are the future.
Thanks boys, until next time.
GT x”
Guy Thoughts
Hannah Mac

“Harlem Ralph were an absolute pleasure to work with! They made me feel instantly relaxed and could not have been more supportive in the process.

Watching their creative minds work & bouncing ideas of eachother was incredible!

I really enjoyed my experience with the guys and couldn’t recommend them more!”

Hannah Mac

mac backwardz

“Working with Harlem Ralph has been the best experience I’ve had in over 13 years of making music. They went from colleagues to best friends in a matter of minutes from the moment we first sat down to work together.

Incredibly hard working, funny, easy to get along with and massively talented individuals they can capture the essence of any project you want to make with them, from hip hop all the way to hard rock music.

I’ve never been in a room with two more talented people than Sean and Padz. As someone who lacks music theory and is often stumped by technical terms, I can throw out the weirdest descriptions such as “make this bit a little more sensual” and “give this some more trippy 70’s hippy vibe” and they know exactly what I mean and exceed my expectations every single time.

Harlem Ralph is a force to be reckoned with. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else at this point.”

Mac of Backwardz

mac backwardz

“I can’t even put into words how incredible these guys are!

I came in fairly anxious, but prepared to just hit record, and hope for the best, but what happened, wasn’t what was expected. After i’d told them my kinda vision for it…some ideas got chucked around, and I watched these two ridiculously talented humans get to work and create what I can only describe as magic….

I know all producers have the ability to just know what sounds good and where, but these guys are summat else…. I’d hum something, or beatbox….no,no , correction… ATTEMPT to beatbox,….or explain an idea, (really badly may I add) fully knowing I’m making no sense, but somehow they just KNEW what I was on about and for me, that’s rare,…not many understand me… 😂

Seans knowledge of production is pretty impressive you know…he knows his sounds, even when they’re reversed apparently!! 😅 He’s got the earrr, and he’s so frickin quick I can’t keep up!! Not to mention his piano skills too! 👌🏽

Patricks ability to produce and create melodies,(with multiple instruments may I add), and to hear the perfect harmonies are ridiculous…I physically don’t understand how someone can be that talented…. 😳👏
So with these two in your corner means, you legit have everything you could need for production in two people! WIN WIN!

All in all, I walked out of this studio session, for the first time, feeling like I actually sounded good and finally LOVING MY MUSIC. And for that I am so very grateful 🙏

Thank you!


Bex Lou

Guy Thoughts 2

Coming soon. – Henry Jones


Coming soon. – CONXEPT