Onoe Caponoe

Onoe Caponoe

Onoe Caponoe in undoubtably one of the most recognisable figures when it comes to alternative UK Rap.

Having been one of the longest standing High Focus Record artists, Onoe’s music career has taken him spitting across the globe.

Artist Biography

The abstract, psychedelic and immensely talented rapper in the midst of creating his next album release for fans of alternative hip hop and music lovers with an appreciation for all things experimental.


By effortlessly blending influences of Memphis funk and East Coast rap, Onoe’s barring skills are second to none and his vast fanbase will completely agree here. 

Describing his style as “romantic horror with mystic punk”, Onoe’s music, videos and live performances will spark your intrigue, urging you to discover more about the fantastical world in which it’s derived from.

Understanding that Onoe Capone draws influence from more experimental artists such as Ariel Pink and Gary Wilson is a clear explanation for the conceptual ideologies behind every projects’ unique 60s rock-operatic formatting.

Onoe’s latest music video for his most recent release – Yellow Submarine – is Onoe’s first full animation solo project and each scene takes you on a wild adventure. With transitions between scenes of abstract animations, Onoe himself controlling the yellow submarine and a whole cast of funky creations, it is impossible not to rewatch this video over and over again.

Onoe is a UK Rap scene OG for this generation and is still only setting the scene for an even bigger career yet to come. The past few years Onoe has spent experimenting with different flavours only now to perfect the recipe for exactly what his fans want to be hearing. 

We are gassed to hear what else is to come from one of the most creative, exciting yet humble artists in the industry today.


Yellow Submarine

Onoe Caponoe drops his first release of the year with accompanying trippy animated visuals for Yellow Submarine.


Invisible War


Surf or Die


Spells From The Cyclops


Voices from Planet Cattele [album]

Debut album on Spotify. Features fan favourite track; Dissapearing Jakob


Space Bitches

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