funk goblin
Producer / Rapper / DJ


The Funkgoblin is a rapper and a producer from Birmingham and is part of The Quarelation Coalition.

Funkgoblin produces Hip hop Beats with a sprinkle of Funk & a lot of old school vibes in addition to rapping and DJing.

Artist Biography

“I want to bring a raw sound to the music scene that says things that people are thinking but done necessarily have the balls or the platform to say themselves”

Funkgoblin, the talented producer, DJ and rapper from Birmingham is heavily influenced by artists who have built their own brands from the ground up including the likes of Dr Dre and 50 Cent, Kanye and J Dilla.

Starting out DJing a the age of 16, Funkgoblin is well versed in knowing how to tap in to the emotions of the listener and providing a sound to match that feeling. Owing his life to playing Bass, this artist has an undeniable passion for every angle of music. 

Band connoisseur, Funkgoblin has been part of many bands; mostly original but he is also a part of the UK’s number one Rage Against The Machine tribute. Most notable in the TULU Network is The Quarelation Coalition.


[TQC] – Minnesota Madness


[TQC Album] The Quarelation Coalition 


[TQC] Isolate 

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