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Wawrickshire based producer, Psygon is a real TULU OG, having been a part of the network since October 2018.

Psygon has proven himself to be one of the most versatile producers on the network but specialises in lo-fi and has a great reputation in the industry.

Artist Biography

Psygon is a Hip Hop producer from the UK that blends the best of the past with the innovation of the future. 

Using classic Hip Hop production and fusing it with fresh sounds and arrangements to create lush, full beats.

Starting his journey in 2011, Psygon drew inspiration from the greats like J Dilla and MF Doom and has steadily become a major player in the Lo-Fi and Beats scene. Always striving for that laid back bounce in his music.

From crafting beats to playing gigs across the UK, Psygon continues to grow from strength to strength. Making beats to soothe your soul and expand your mind.

Psygon has already worked with many of the artists on the TULU network, including Flowlosopha, Vince and Temple.



This beautiful track is everything; with oriental vibes blended perfectly on lofi drums. *chefs kiss*


Suntory Times

The third release of 2021 for Psygon and an immediate fan fave.


Halftoof to0

Psygon’s long awaited latest album, Halftoof To0 was everything our ears needed to end 2020.


Nokori Key 

Psygon’s first album release of 2020. Taking inspritation from every hour within Animal Crossing, this beautiful lo-fi album has everything for everyone.

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