CONXEPT is one of the most exciting rappers emerging from London at the moment.

This artist has a keen eye for who he is and where he needs to be in the industry to make the biggest impact. CONXEPT is currently working on a large project with production duo, Harlem Ralph


Artist Biography

CONXEPT is a unique and versatile rapper from West London. This rapper really is mixing up the game with his latest releasesand has already gained A&R attention from large record labels.


CONXEPT has already proven himself to be one of the UK’s most exiting emerging rappers and has been a TULU OG since March 2019. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings and own experiences with growing up in West London, CONXEPT’s music is raw, authentic and completely versatile. This can be heard through his latest releases but also on the long awaited upcoming project with Harlem Ralph.

Each track on the project takes an entirely unique form, representing the vast array of different vibes this rapper can create. CONXEPT dies not shy away from talking about his past and how it has shaped how he lives today. By focussing on music or sport to remain out of trouble whilst growing, this rapper is using his music to set an example of how it can be done.

This artist has a firm grasp of the music industry, how it operates and what it takes to get to where he needs to be.

CONXEPT joined TULU on tour in 2019 and also headlined their final event in 2020 before the COVID lockdown came into action.



Audio and visuals for Makavelli were released in Jan 2021 and they immediately set the bar high for all other releases this year. Visials have earnt CONXEPT a healthy 26K views on his fourth music video release.


On da Radar

CONXEPT teamed up with Northside Media for the release of the On da Radar video and audio.


XO (Prod. Harlem Ralph) – CONXEPT, Harlem Ralph & Mac Backwardz

In addition to multiple projects with Harlem Ralph which features Mac Backwardz in the pipeline the trio teased us with whats to come on this track, XO.


Harlem Ralph Project (COMING SOON)

Mac Backwardz began working with Harlem Ralph in 2019 and since then, they have been crafting an unbelievable project whih flexes the trios insane talent.


Yours Truly [EP]

Yours Truly was the album which caught TULU’s eye when we were introduced back in 2019.

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