Rapper / Singer / DJ

Erik D

Erik D has been part of TULU since May 2017 when he took to the stage at the very first TULU Presents event!

Erik D is a highly talented rapper, singer and DJ; originally from Warwickshire but based now in Leeds. We have had the pleasure of seeing Erik D perform on a huge number of times over the many years he’s been a part of the TULU Network.


Artist Biography

Erik D is part of hip hop collective The Quarelation Coalition and has been collaborating with people on the TULU network and across the UK for the longest period of time.

Erik D is interested in making Uk Hip Hop with meaning, he is always looking to collaborate and find new and exciting artists to work with. This shows in his previous collaborations from the TULU network which include: Espielle, Wates and The Quarelation Coalition.

Erik D remains true to himself and delivers the cold hard truth with his clever, emotive yet often humorous lyricism. Catch him on the debut album from The Quarelation Coalition ‘Minnesota Madness’ which is out now on all major platforms!


Minnesota Madness

Second video release with TQC on a track taken from their previous album release; Minnesota Madness” 


The Quarelation Coalition

First album release on the self titled album The Quarelation Coalition.


Isolate [Debut Single]

Their first audio and video release under the TQC collaboration. 

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