Jules is a rapper from West London.

Jules heads the company Infinity Music; home to the new and loved Rug Room video series which can be found here

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Artist Biography

Growing up in West London, the home of Notting Hill Carnival, Jules found his passion from early, reflecting the community around him and his strong morals to expressing 100% of your authentic self without caring about other peoples opinions.

Coming from a creative family, sister being a singer and father being a DJ, Jules was able to narrow down what he enjoyed doing from a young age- being in school shows and theatre productions. Jules loved performing and entertaining, knowing this is what he wanted to do the most of in his life.

Jules’ life changed in 2016, post to the release of the NWA based movie “Straight Out Of Compton’ and rap duo ‘Rae Sremmurd’ – as from that moment he knew his time to start creating and releasing music was then. Following that, along with his now business partner ‘Kush’, they created the rap duo ‘ L.O.S’ standing for ‘Livin On Sight’ and began releasing countless singles and 1 mixtape up until around 2019.

Jules continues to build up his archive of music in which he began by releasing his scheduled ‘RugRoom’ single ‘Always’ on the 26th of November 2021. Jules has been very active in the music scene, launching an online music platform for underground, upcoming artists called ‘Infinity Music’ with Kush in August 2021- along with their very first show ‘RugRoom’ which is a live acoustic performance series on Youtube.


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