Cambridge raised and Brighton based rapper Wates has reemerged onto the scene and is ready to shake things up.

Already collaborating with many artists from on the network such as Harlem Ralph and Mac Backwardz, Wates is not one to be sleeping on this year.


Artist Biography

Having spent the past 5 years residing in Bristol, Cambridge and now Brighton, Wates has built a loyal following, both in person throughout the south of England and online across the UK.


Few artists are able to remain as authentically true to themselves as Wates from Brighton. He is a young, vibrant and energetic rapper who has built the foundations for a multi-national and loyal following with this contagiously upbeat attitude towards life.

Having spent the last few years residing in Cambridge, Bristol and now Brighton, Wates has used this time to perfect his unique UK hip hop style. Combining skippy flows and dreamy harmonies on trap style beats Wates really has been reinventing his style and what it means to be a UK hip hop artist.

There is never a dull moment when Wates enters the room. This care-free, yet entirely and wholly dedicated artist is set to release his debut album this spring, produced by the incredibly talented and emerging Espielle and featuring the likes of High Focus’ CMPND member Vitamin G.


Project with Harlem Rlaph

Wates has teamed up with production duo Harlem Ralph (Patrick Foley & Espielle) in order to create on of 2021’s most exciting, yet to be released projects. 


The Way

Wates paired up with producer Espielle to create this banger for Fore Store

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