Over the last 5 years, the TULU team have developed this simple, three tiered service to offer independent artists, at any level in their career access to the services they need. Whether its indutry networking or fully managed release plans – TULU can help you achieve your goals.

Starting with TULU Town and scaling up through TULU Plan-it on to TULUniverse (see what we did there?), we proudly represents and support artists at any level in their career. 

tulu town


Welcome to the TULU Town online networking community. Here, you gain unprecedented access to our carefully curated network of other independent artists, trusted service providers (videographers, photographers, etc coming soon) and a whole host of other creatives.

Your TULU Town profile is your industry ID card and is a simple, undiluted way to show who you are, what you’re about and to receive direct communication from other artists / creatives looking to collaborate.

Utilising your own TULU artist profile, you can connect, create and collaborate with other industry heads from within the whole network whilst simultaneously promoting engagement by sharing each others projects. 

This is a very simple, yet entirely organic strategy that has been tried, tested and proven to boost your number sand grow your own network.

So, are you down with TULU Town? 

tulu town


Are you stuck in rut when it comes to organisation strategy and structure? Wish you had a tailored plan and motivation to execute? We know the story, we have been there and trust us, it’s not a fun place to be. 

So, isn’t it lucky you’ve just landed on TULU Plan-It? The ultimate artist planner and hands-off resource centre for artists to access a vast library of downloadable training resources, strategy templates and contacts lists. 

A core element to this membership is the monthly strategy calls with your dedicated industry professional to align your next moves with your wider, long term goals.

This service is aimed at the midrange artist, one who has the self drive and motivation to execute tasks and develop their skills on their own accord in order to keep costs down and maximum control of their creativity.

Are you ready to launch into the atmosphere from the TULU Plan-it?



Voyage into the unknown and explore new heights in your music career with the TULUniverse.

This is the most hands-on service offered by TULU.

This is our highest tier package and is definitely only for the more advanced artist who have proven their dedication to their career either by advancing through the other service packages or by proving their growth outside of TULU prior to joining. Due to this, every artist who enters the TULUniverse requires absolute verification to ensure they are definitely ready to launch.

For those who do qualify; TULUniverse is their brand new digital management suite. The TULUniverse is jam-packed with lucrative brand opportunities, continual playlist pitching, regular performance opportunities and so, so much more.

Now, are you ready to take the voyage into the TULUniverse and beyond?