TULUniverse is for the more established artist brand.

Artists who sign up for this service will:

  • Have at least three singles released 
  • Have a live performance experience
  • Have an active and engaged social media
  • Have experience of independently releasing music or have management or a label. 

TULUniverse is the most hands-on account managed service on the TULU platform. A designated TULU account manager will handle all aspects of the artist release from identifying and developing their narrative, all the way through to post release promotion and analytics reports. 

TULUniverse is designed to support artists who have already established themselves to a core following, understands the back end of the music industry and needs to focus on just creating. 

TULU works with an array of affiliate brands from within the industry to support with executing the releases. Each and every brand has been assessed by the TULU team to ensure they deliver on their responsibilities; from playlist pitching to PR.

Contact the team below to sign up for TULUniverse.