Patrick foley
Singer / Rapper / Producer

Patrick Foley

Patrick Foley, or Padz is an Oxfordhsire based singer, rapper and producer who is also the other half to Harlem Ralph

Both independently and as part of Harlem Ralph, Padz is working on some of 2021’s most exciting projects with co producer, Espielle. These artists include CONXEPT, Mac Backwardz and Henry Jones.

Artist Biography

Patrick Foley, often shortened to P-Fo, is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Oxfordshire with over 15 years worth of experience in the industry.

At the age of 9, after years of noodling on a Casio keyboard, he was gifted a guitar for Christmas and started writing songs immediately.

Patrick’s interest in listening, songwriting and composition throughout the years has bordered on obsessional. He has picked up how to compose tracks in a multitude of different genres, and how to splice them together in order to create brand new sounds. We have had the absolute pleasure of watching Patrick up close as he works with an array of different artists to materialise their thoughts and ideas into a track. 

P-Fo is one half of the production duo Harlem Ralph – the other half being long-time friend Sean Livadeas AKA Espielle. They have been creating music together for 10 years, and have recently worked with local artists Henry Jones, Mac Backwardz, CONXEPT and BiG HEATH. 

The Harlem Ralph duo have received nothing but praise from the artists they have worked with for their professionalism, talent, vast knowledge and creativity. This is why Harlem Ralph will be working full time at The Unit, the brand new TULU recording studio and creative hub.



Alongside Patrick’s musical projects, he likes to create fun and entetaining animation videos acompnaied by equally as silly, yet entirely catchy lyrics. 


XO (Prod. Harlem Ralph) – CONXEPT, Harlem Ralph & Mac Backwardz

In addition to multiple projects with Harlem Ralph which features Mac Backwardz in the pipeline the trio teased us with whats to come on this track, XO.


Harlem Ralph Project (COMING SOON)

The Harlem Ralph duo have been working together for four years and will soon be releasing a dedicated album to their tracks and instrumentals they have worked on throughout this time.

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