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Phoenix Martins

Phoenix is from Hackney..

Phoenix is really the personification of art and vibes. Her sound is super free flowing, honest and experimental with a few elements of genre fusion. Her music is very formless and doesn’t follow strictly any particular rules which we LOVE! 


Artist Biography

Phoenix has an impressive repertoire of other talents outside of singing and producing, Phoenix also DJs, dances and acts, following on from a short hiatus she’s back at it, ready to let her creative energy flow freely! 

Hot talent Phoenix Martins is one-to-watch; a powerful voice, masterfully controlled and laced with genuine soul, this young lady’s raft of experience and bona fide star quality make her one of the UK’s most promising new talents.

A natural live performer, Phoenix has been singing since the age of seven, when her and her cousin would charge family members fifty pence each to see them sing everything from Aaliyah to Nina Simone.


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