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Tomboxe joined the TULU network in Jan 2021 and immediately blew the team away with his creativity and talent.

As an artist, London based Tomboxe takes versatility to new heights.

Artist Biography

Few artists are able to tap into their emotions as a source of inspiration, in the way that Tomboxe does.

By developing these emotions into strengths and then into music, each track is developed so beautifully raw and authentic. This philosophy is evidently clear in Tomboxe’s latest album – Does The Andrien – released in December 2020.

Reflecting the mature, sophisticated and chilled stylings of his music, fans of Tomboxe are likely to be found at small cafés, museums, house parties and BBQs; with a combined interest in both smaller, more independent brands and also global designer brands.

No stranger to pushing the socially defined boundaries of normality, Tomboxe aims to work with brands from a wide range of different industries; from luxury to high street fashion and from tech to beauty. 

Fans of Tomboxe value ethics, comfort and quality above all else which is why they are drawn to the influence of an artist such as Tomboxe who does nothing with half effort. Freedom is everything to this artist, both in his art and in his life which is what makes his brand image just as versatile as the music he creates.


In The Darkeness

In The Darkness is Tomboxe’s latest video release. Here we see his artistic style shining thorugh in this simple but impactful video.


Does The Andrien

Does The Andrien is Tomboxe’s debut album. The TULU team have been obsessed with this album since its release.


Quiet Storm Rising




Booty Galore


Dance With You

Tomboxe’s debut single on music streaming platforms.

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