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About TKorStretch

TKorStretch. Born in Bristol, England, Is the rising star of the streets of Hillfields. His infectious hook-lines and rap style will be one to watch for 2021. After dropping the banger AOSD & Cali Buds with Ghostface600 In 2020. TK followed it up with Caliweed, TeamDoubleG then Ham, which received rave reviews as well as the number 1 spot for 3 weeks in his home town of Bristol.

TKorStretch has a wave that is undeniable. Mixing Drill/Rap with smooth vocals. He has his own style and a huge future ahead of him. Jump on his Wave!

TKorStretch will be one to watch for 2022



TK is back at it again with his latest release ‘Woah’, demonstrating new dimensions to his ever-evolving sound. The rapper truly showcases his artistic capabilities as he infuses melodic vibes into his latest track.

Following on from the success of buzz-inducing ‘Flamenco Dance’ the Bristol native keeps up a strong momentum with his latest offering ‘Woah’. We continue to see growth and development from TK who had a whirlwind summer. TK’s sound has evolved even further from the last release as he continues to dominate the lane he is creating for himself. 

The latest track from the rapper is catchy, melodic and includes the exact kind of skilled delivery and lyrical prowess that we have come to expect from him. TK is much more than just a rapper and as he continues to forge his path, the world continues to view his growth with anticipation and high expectation. 

Having gathered a combined 2 million views independently across his previous releases, the rapper is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon as he gears up for an onslaught of releases next year. TK has already been featured on all major radio stations, with both Flamenco Dance and the remix where he enlisted features from BGody, YA, TzGwala, Lucii and Escobars. There are strong predictions of ‘Woah’ being received in a similar way replicating and exceeding the success of the last two releases. 

‘Woah’ comprises all the elements we love about TK’s sound with the added conviction from the song’s very clear messaging. The video captures a more animated side of TK and holds a darker and more eerie atmosphere and serious narrative in comparison to Flamenco Dance.

For more information contact: vince@tulupresents.co.uk

Watch The Video 

The video for ‘Woah’ will be dropping at 7pm on the 26th November on GRM Daily.