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About Tomboxe

Tomboxe is a British-Nigerian singer, songwriter and rapper who developed a firm and in-depth understanding of music from a young age, learning how intricate the role of each instrument was to each track by dissecting them in great detail with his brother. By learning about music in this way from such a young age, Tomboxe was able to produce some of the most ear-catching melodies 2020 saw.

A large part of Tomboxe’s life was spent growing up and attending school in Nigeria, rapping with pals in their dorm rooms by night and finding abandoned buildings to flex his dizzying height falsettos by day. 



Tomboxe – Alone

This contemporary pop song is upbeat and has a real summer vibe which is the reason why Tomboxe will be dropping this video on the 27th August. 

One thing that can be said for certain with Tomboxe is that his eye for creating the perfect visuals for his audio is done with exact precision. This is what makes his visuals so popular amongst his ever growing network of listeners. 

The audio for ‘Alone’ was released as part of his latest album Does The Andiren and now Tomboxe is ready to release the video which reflects the juxtaposition between the bustling city vibes felt on the streets of London and the deeper underground scenes of feeling alone.

The video, shot by London based videographer Ezekiel, keeps Tomboxe centre stage in a variety of different scenes throughout London. Keeping true to the message of the track, Tomboxe is entirely alone throughout the video until the very end, tearing between the busy streets of London and disused bridges or underground car parks.

Everyone can resonate with the message of this song and video; feeling desperately alone even if we are in the thick of things within a busy environment – this past year being a prime example of that with people often only experiencing outside life on a solitude commute.

However, in classic Tomboxe style, the track finishes with a positive note, reminding his listeners that you do not have to be alone, friendship is always within reach, no matter how ‘Alone’ you feel.

The video will be premiering for ‘Alone’ on the 27th August 2021 on Tomboxe’s Youtube channel. See below for an exclusive preview ahead of this date.

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