Toboxe’s originality, lyrical prowess and musical abilities are nothing short of astounding. One of the most unique vocal tones in the industry right now. Fusing his style over a plethora of genres, leaving us wondering if there are any genres that he can’t do. Sonically this is Sean Mendez meets Lighthouse family. A fresh take on  classic pop sound, which we are here for.

His vision and artistry are second to none and this video truly demonstrates this. What’s more, he has fun and radiates an infectious energy that leaves viewers feeling uplifted and involved.

Lyrically ‘Alone’ tells a few stories, focusing on a different main character in each verse. The overriding message of not wanting to be alone cuts through the different narratives driving the message home with each hook. Paired with a light hearted instrumental, ‘Alone’ is not only catchy but also thought provoking.

Does the Andrien was released back in 2020, the end of one of the strangest years of our lifetime. Tomboxe has already released two visuals from the project so far. This latest visual is sure to bring the project to new audiences who have yet to experience this thoughtful approach to creativity.

Tomboxe truly embodies artistry, continuously pushing his creative boundaries. The visual for alone is another shining example of his artistic capabilities. 

Watch the video for alone Above 👆