TULU Plan-it Membership

Are you drowning in the overwhelming role of being an artist, a manager, a booking agent, a PR person, a social media manager, a contact creator, an ad specialist and marketing strategist?

Do you feel like you need a music manager but don’t want to part with a percentage of your royalties just yet or don’t even know where to begin looking for one? 

Do you need a sounding board to run ideas by and talk strategy with?

Well look no further because help is nearby… welcome to TULU Plan-it. The one-stop membership to drive productvity and accountability in your team!


£25 per month/ £250 per year

Plan-it Lite was created in order to bridge the gap between TULU Town and TULU Plan-it, offering members on the network the opportunity to discuss their project in a group of other creatives and TULU industry experts. 

These Plan-it memberships are designed for the get up and go artist who has big plans, big goals and big ambitions but may lack the team, knowledge or finances to get them to where they want to be. ⁣

We give you all the strategy, resources, industry know-how, contacts, discounts at essential brands and more in order to keep pushing your career in the right direction!

On these monthly group strategy calls, artists are given the strategy, resources and contacts needed in order to accomplish their targets until the next call. Having these calls in a group environment means everyone can draw on previous experiences to support each other; strategies which have or have not worked for them, recommend contacts and provide creative direction support on projects.

Artists on Plan – It benefit from an intimate strategy group with up to 5 other artists which has proven popular in those seeking to netowrk and learn from other artists previous strategies. 

Plan-it Pro

£75 per month / £750 per year

Plan-It Pro is our private one-to-one and strategy and mentoring membership. Plan-it Pro artists are empowered with all the knowledge, strategy and contacts they need to excel their career with your own personal team and infrastructure to make each release a success.

Is it management you need? Or is it a booking agent? Perhaps you are looking for the most lucrative lable deal? Whatever you need, TULU can identify the best route and best team members to get you there. 

TULU Plan-it Pro drives productivity and accountability within the artists team; it can either form their full team or it can fill the gaps in their current team. We can work alongise whatever team you already have in place, or we can help build you a team from the bottom up.