TULU Plan-it Membership

Are you drowning in the overwhelming role of being an artist, a manager, a booking agent, a PR person, a social media manager, a contact creator, an ad specialist and marketing strategist?

Do you feel like you need a music manager but don’t want to part with a percentage of your royalties just yet or don’t even know where to begin looking for one? 

Do you need a sounding board to run ideas by and talk strategy with?

Well look no further because help is nearby… welcome to TULU Plan-it. The one-stop membership to drive productvity and accountability in your team!

Get in touch with the TULU team if  you think TULU Plan-it will be the key to you unlocking your future career as an artist.

This service is for the get up and go artist, those with a clear vision of where they want their career to be heading but may not necessarily know the best route in which to get there.

TULU are here to broaden your horizons as an independent artist and to guide you through your journey to success, in whatever that definitiion means to you personally.

By giving you the tools, knowledge, recources and network to build a successful career on, TULU Plan-it is your new home as an independent artist.